Hi! My name is Tom Wayne Bertolotti and this is the most serious self-portrait I could find.
I'm a photographer in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles. I was born in Pavia, 20 miles south of Milan, Italy. My dad is an Italian graphic designer, my mom is French-American. I have a little accent when I speak though it is often quite hard to place.
Although photography has always been my passion, it's not always been my career. I have a PhD in philosophy and I was an academic for ten years. I wrote a pretty successful book on why LEGO is a platonic toy and then I felt I was done with academic constraints: I embraced photography as my new career and haven't looked back since. According to my clients, my background gives me a peculiar eye and the ability to quickly turn their ideas into visual concepts.
What I know for sure is that my personality and my studies have given me a strong passion for all things human: I love getting to know the uniqueness of each client and to meet the challenges brought by each and every project, be it a portrait, a commercial shoot or a print that someone will hang in their living room.
I love burritos, yellow shoes and fancy shirts, and whenever I am not working you can probably find me and my girlfriend in our Mustang somewhere in the Southwest chasing the next sunset.

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