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My cameras are more than a work tool: they are soul-bound companions, and I’m hardly ever seen without a camera slung around my neck. I take hundred of photos each week, and some of them are released as prints.

As of now, most of my artistic work revolves around three main sources of inspiration.

  • Los Angeles and its surroundings, in particular the South Bay and Redondo Beach;
  • Coastal California;
  • The American West: deserts, cacti, mountains, and roads. Lots of roads.

I am working on a consistent print archive: as of now, a small part of my print work is already available on my print store. The most comprehensive repository of art and landscapes is probably my Instagram account. Also, you will find smaller curated collections in my blog. If there is anything that catches your eye and is not in my print store, please don’t hesitate and send me a message.

You can also see my latest fine art inspirations on my Instagram feed.