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California Dreamin’ (is not the song you are looking for)

Social media abounds with posts tagged #californiadreamin. Santa Monica sunsets, Downtown dusks, lazy afternoons in Melrose, crisps brunches at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Malibu. San Diego. There, you are California Dreaming’. And if you have an option to put some music, the Mamas & the Papas will start playing.

Purple shadows. Warm highlights. Warm reds and some blue and a shade of green. And there you go, you’re California Dreamin’.

But hey, look at the lyrics. California Dreamin’ is about someone who is stuck where they don’t wanna be, it’s winter, all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray, and they are probably hitting rock bottom because they don’t even feel safe where they are. Midwest? North-East? New York? There’s also some funny business going on with the preacher in the church where they are pretending to pray. They are dreaming about California and they wish they were there. It seems unlikely they’re gonna get there anytime soon.

But we’re here. Let’s enjoy the California Soul, won’t we?

PS: I still think that California Dreamin’ is a most beautiful song, this brief writing only expresses my opinion and you are more than encouraged to hold tight onto your interpretation and understanding.

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