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Impressions, Rising Sun

We get a lot of bad news. We get some good news, but we get a lot of bad news. If you look into popular music, though, the news we get are not so bad. Or better, they are not worse than they’ve ever been. We’ve always complained about the same. Less safety. Crooked politicians. Wars. Cost of life. If you go back and look at the headlines and at literature and reports, there’s hardly ever a consensus that things are at last better. Even if, looking back, things fluctuate. We can say now that we are faring worse than some times in the past, but we can also say that we’re doing much better than other times.

So I did a little trick. I tried to take a little distance from it all. And you know what, it all looked very beautiful in this soft and misty morning in Redondo Beach, California.

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