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An Amazing Redondo Beach Sunset (w/ Fireworks)

We went for a walk on the beach tonight. I thought there were chances of a pretty sunset, but sometimes clouds are overpromising and under-delivering. Still, I decided to pack the extra weight of the medium format. Little did we know, we were going to see fireworks during this Redondo Beach Sunset.

It started pretty normally. Half an hour before the actual sunset, the sky was a solid 8. What was striking was the clarity. How well you could see Santa Monica and the mountains in spite of the ragged sky. And the fact that the beauty had a strong out-of-season character. It was a November sky with temperature in the mid 80s and so many people in the water.

Two days ago Anne-Claire went to Smart & Final and during the time she was in she heard the same joke twice. The joke is a one-liner, and I’ve been repeating it a lot since she came back from the store.

The Bahamas called: they want their weather back!

As the Sun sank a few degrees closer to the horizon, everyone on the beach understood that we were in for a special treat.

It all looked to magic that even my beautiful wife agreed to model a little walk on the beach for me ❤️

The seagulls saw us and got jealous: they complained that this session was supposed to focus on nature and not portrait and lifestyle, so I had to oblige. They were happy, too.

Sunset was nothing less than fireworks. I don’t remember this kind of sunset in a long time. Not even during winter sunset season.

The beauty of the scenery was mirrored by the beauty of the crowd. You know, that’s were the idea of the fireworks came from. We were all captivated by this show and stared and took pictures and selfies and walked and watched and walked and stopped to watch longer and better. And when it finished, everyone headed out at the same time, like after the 4th of July, commenting out loud how gorgeous that had been.

Bonus: because we’re in Los Angeles, after the Sun had clearly crossed far below the horizon and the clouds made sure he was not coming back, they put up a little after-the-credits scene, clearly inspired by Stranger Things.

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