On May the 31st, 2109, I bought an artist's manikin and I shot the first photo of what would become the "Daedalus Project". Named after Icarus' father, the most famous and cunning inventor and craftsman of ancient Greece, the manikin Daedalus has accompanied my photographical journey ever since.
Daedalus and the other manikins are not only a technical and artistic studio, but also a sandbox to experiment with the visual rendition of philosophical, psychological, literary and theological concepts and tropes.
My education includes a doctorate in philosophy, and Daedalus is the most visible conjunction between my past and my present. Daedalus allows me to explore the interaction of our minds with an inanimate but highly expressive character – or better, a character that serves countless expressions and emotions to our unstoppable will to anthropomorphize, to read intensions and beliefs in anything resembling our own.
Daedalus is an inferentially-rich character: as most artistic ventures, these images they will give back to you in function of what you give to them. You can see Daedalus as me, as you. You can see them as the archetypical human being: one and multiple, Daedalus' gender appears to be fluid and mostly irrelevant for the appreciation of the art, or - even better  - it is a blank that the viewer is invited to fill. You can understand Daedalus as thoughts, as ideas, as vices, obsessions, addictions, or as a better angel of our humanity. Daedalus can be a figure of Jesus, of the prophets, reenacting the Biblical scenes that lay amid the foundations of Western culture, but they also embody Socrates and Plato, and other philosophers and heroes and semi-gods of the ancient myths. To me, it's a bit of all of that, but I will let them be something different for you, if you want so.
The Daedalus archive includes several hundreds of images, this is just a selection. Whereas I usually like to display my images according to a color or a thematic gradient, I thought it was more interesting to lay these out in a chronological order: the first below is the first image I shot, and you may follow all the way down, at the bottom of the page, to the latest image of the collection.
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