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FAQ | Tom Bertolotti Photography | Redondo Beach, LA

Q: What are your rates? A: My rates depend on the project. A typical boutique session (family, portrait, headshots, engagement) will start at $400.00 (excluding expenses). Commercial projects are estimated on a singular basis and the rate depends on the size of the project, the necessary equipment, the kind of editing and retouching, the licensing you require and so on and so for. Please reach out to start a conversation about your project!

Q: Do you offer hair and makeup options? A: Absolutely! I partner with amazing makeup artists who have worked in major Hollywood productions and I definitely recommend that you take advantage of a professional hair and makeup artist for portrait and headshot sessions. Not only they know what looks better on camera and use beauty products and styles that were developed to this end (and might be different from mainstream products): less need of retouching for me instantly translates in a wider choice of final edited pictures for you!

Q: Can I have “all the raw photos”? A: That’s a tricky question! The short answer is no. The long answer is that, depending on the agreements of the project, I will transfer or offer for purchase all the good, edited photos that the shoot yielded. If a photograph did not make the cut for the editing process, I’d still not release it because my photography is equally composed of my shooting and my editing. An unedited photo is an incomplete piece and it could even reflect negatively on the rest of my work.

Q: What payment methods do you accept? A: I accept most payments: cash, check, card, digital transfers, and -occasionally- business trades. All boutique projects have a retainer fee and the rest of the balance has to be settled the day of the shoot.

Q: Do you have a studio? A: I sometimes shoot headshots and business pictures at my home studio in Redondo, otherwise I rely on a series of studios around Los Angeles and in the South Bay, picking the one that best fits your project in the most convenient way.

Q: Do you travel? A: Yes, I do! The estimate I will send you includes travel-related expenses. I also welcome further locations and projects that span over several days, but those should be booked with greater advance in order to secure the availability.

Q: Do you shoot weddings? A: Yes. As I like to say, “I am not a wedding photographer but I am a photographer who also shoots wedding”. I shot several weddings in the past, always to my clients’ total satisfaction.

Q: What cameras do you use? A: I use Fujifilm digital cameras. Depending on the project, I use two X-T3 cameras and one GFX-50SII medium format camera. As we work together, I will be more than happy to educate you on the use and specificities of my equipment (if this is something you would be interested in). I also use a fixed lens Fujifilm X100V (a nimble powerhouse excellent for events and crowded scenes), a balanced DJI handheld videocamera with underwater capabilities, and a vintage Polaroid camera.

Q: Do you do videography, too? A: Yes, I do videos as well! I enjoy shooting and editing documentaries, commercials, interviews, and event reels. For very small projects, I can provide both photography and videography, but from medium to larger projects I can only take care of either one. You can check my work out on my YouTube Channel!

Q: Do you work with a drone? A: Yes! I work with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. I use it for fine art images, environmental portraits, and videos. I’ll be delighted to insert drone work in your project, as long as the ground rules and the FAA sky regulation of the location allow it.

You didn’t find the answer to your question? I said something but not enough? Just get in touch and I’ll be happy to discuss your doubts and fulfill your curiosity!