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Unique Headshots to Make You Go “Wow!”

Together with real estate and palm trees, headshots are probably the most common type of photography in Los Angeles, and also my most premium product. If you are an actor, an entertainer, an entrepreneur or a professional with any kind of visibility role, you need to be able to put your best face forward all the time!

The bad news: your headshots are probably outdated.

Did you know that 90% of my clients need their headshots ready within a week? And about half of them the very next day? This is because you never know when you need a headshot: a new job, a press release, a casting call, a submission, a conference lineup are all occasions that will make you go through your drive and realize that your headshot from ten years ago won’t really do the job and a selfie… even less.

The good news: I’m here to help!

Even if you hate being photographed, a session with me is something to look forward to. Thanks to my doctorate in philosophy (the relic of a previous career) and my state-of-the-art equipment I promise to give you a fun and rewarding experience. The use of precise professional lighting, and shooting tethered to a big screen will set you in total control of the results: I am confident that you will walk away knowing that the photos we took are proper ambassadors of your self, ready to shine for you whenever you are not there in person.

Are you still not sure to commit to a full headshot session? Stay tuned about my next headshot matinees, fun events aimed at providing you with a handful of beautiful headshots and a taste of my photography experience!