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Unique Headshots to Make You Go “Wow!”

It’s almost impossible to give a definition of a headshot. It can be a general portrait for your social media, or an acting headshot. It can be a photo for your company’s website, or the image that will go on your business card or linkedin profile. Headshots can accompany press releases, or other kinds of communications. Maybe it has to go on a billboard that thousands of people will see!

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All headshots have two things in common. What are they?

The first one is this: a headshot is a photo you need!

You can take this in the trivial sense, since in the current age of visual media we always need to put our faces on what we stand by; but I also mean that most of my headshot clients call me and say “Hi! I need a headshot for tomorrow, are you available today?”

You never know when you need a headshot. Good things happen all of a sudden and that’s when many people find out they don’t have a good, updated photo of themselves. They scramble and hope that their photographer of choice is available on short notice. I try to accomodate last minute clients to my best, but it’s not always possible: that’s why my advice is to plan ahead. Make sure that you always have at least one recent picture of yourself that you are comfortable with. Ideally, have a handful of variations so that you don’t always send the same and you can pick it for the occasion (smiling, serious, formal, and casual are a solid poker).

Your headshot is your ambassador

The second thing that all headshots have in common is that you want the image to be your ambassador. Many photographers will boast about photos that capture “your true essence.” That is amazing in many styles of photography but it’s not what matters in a headshot. If you are an introvert, or you are very shy, that’s who you are and it is absolutely fine… but that is not necessarily the essence you want to show in your headshot. Headshots are about what you want to tell about yourself. They are your ambassadors, at your service. People see them when they cannot see you, and you want them to see your photograph and think they want to meet you! they want to hire you! they want to hear and read what you have to say!

That is what my job is about: my photographic experience and my humanist background are at your service!

Details and pricing

  • Headshot sessions can be on location with natural light, or indoor with a studio setting, professional lighting, and the backdrop of your choice. Hybrid session are also a very interesting option for greater variety.
  • Should you require professional hair and makeup, I love to team up with celebrity makeup artist Tanya Deemer, also a Redondo Beach local. Tanya’s work is excellent and a delightful complement to my photography.
  • You can save by bundling multiple people in back-to-back sessions. I also offer group headshot sessions and professional sessions at your workplace that always turn into amazing team-building experiences!