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Open Vault

As we are going to move next week, my art storage is moving as well. I would love if some of my South Bay art could remain in the South Bay, hence I am letting go some of my works at special prices until I find a new storage.


My postcards were first released in 2021 and they were exceptionally well received since the very beginning. I conceived them back then when travel was not that easy, and they were meant to remind us of the postcards we would send in the golden age of mass tourism, in the 80s and 90s (when I was a kid, that is to say). Postcards went for $2.50 each but I am selling them for $1.50 as long as stocks last – or until they go to a new art vault.

Small Fine Art Prints

These images are lustre fine art print on archival paper. Some are matted, some are printed with a border, all fit in 11×14 frames. All prints sell for $40.00, except for the last (the lighthouse) that is framed and sells for $60. Discounts can be negotiated for orders of several prints.

Medium Size Prints

Coyote [Vermillion Cliffs, AZ] (11×14) $60

The Spirit of Redondo (12×18, wide matted and inserted in a 19×25 frame) $100

Large Fine Art Prints

24×36, sells for $190 with mat

If anything catches your eye, please reach out via email at or text me at (424)350-8317.
Postcards have different availabilities, but as long as there's at least one available the design will be up.
Prints are unique. If they are on the page then they are still available.