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Never! Boring! Portraits!

I am a people’s person and this is probably what I like the best about my photography. As a photographer specializing in portraits in Redondo Beach, most of my work happens around the South Bay.

I want my photos to represent you, your passion, your love, your success, your uniqueness, your hopes, your grits, your creativity and your ambition. In a word, your humanity.

Are you camera shy? Do you hate being photographed? That might make you one of my favorite clients! It does not matter if we’re shooting headshots or family session; I am a teacher at heart and I love taking my clients by the hand and guiding them through the whole process: often times, this makes taking photographs enjoyable, or at least, a little less unpleasant!

Best locations for portraits in Redondo Beach and beyond!

I moved to Redondo Beach four years ago and the South Bay has become my photographic playground. I can take my whole studio setup to your office, or I can help you scout the most perfect locations for your portrait sessions.

Portraits that are always frame-worthy

I will put all of me into our session: my artistry, my background, my origins, and also my current interests. My photography is always a little different as I evolve in my journey, but what I promise is to follow my style and to deliver a product that is always frame-worthy.

In February of 2022 I visited the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco. I had shot portraits on a daily basis for almost two years without visiting a “real” museum. Seeing classical portraiture caused an artistic shock in my mind and I’ve been working on classical, neo-classical, and renaissance-inspired images since then.

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